The Cocktail Hour: Sweet Minty Mood Lifter

The Mood Lifter. It’s my latest invention. If Mojito married Amaretto, this is what their baby would be. What do you do when your mom gets you a Nutribullet? Make a cocktail. What else? A minty, citrusy, slushy concoction that gives Margarita a run for her money. A sheer delight. Smoother, milder than the traditional mojito, the sweet undertones of this sassy little number make it quite sink-into-your-seat-and-say-ahhhh good.

Now, I want it to be known that I am not a qualified bartender, nor do I have a history degree specializing in the evolution of alcoholic beverages. I just know what I like. When we are out for a fancy dinner, if I order a cocktail, it’s always the mojito. So crisp and refreshing with a hint of pirate adventure,  the ones my hubby makes for me at home top my list. Shawn makes the best ones I have ever tasted. A close second is the mojito I had at the snazzy lounge bar of our hotel in Florence years ago when we were honeymooning in Italy.

One of the best things about living in an Armenian neighbourhood is easy access to good quality fresh herbs. Spearmint is the leafy green you want for this sassy li’l number. A word of warning to those of you inclined to grow this stuff in your home garden: Beware that mint is a hearty plant that literally invades like a weed. Be sure to keep it confined to a pot.

Mood Lifter
Fills 4 martini glasses

fresh mint, good handful
3 shots Amaretto di Sarono
2 jigs Rose’s Lime Concentrate
1 cup Limeade
1 orange, juice only
1 lime, juice only
handful ice
4 pretty sprigs of mint for garnish

Chill martini glasses in the fridge maybe an hour ahead.

Wash mint and lay onto a clean tea towel to air-dry.
Juice an orange and a lime into the pitcher of a blender.
Add the mint, Amaretto, lime concentrate, limeade and ice.
Give it a good blitz until just slushy.
Divide among 4 sparkly martini glasses and garnish with a pretty sprig of mint.

Because it is made with fresh leafy greens and antioxidant-rich citrus, technically this is a cocktail that is somewhat, in a way, perhaps good for you. Amaretto smooths the rough edges of traditional mojito into this velvety drink that is a delight to sip, although so delicious that gulping it all in one breath may not be avoidable.

7 thoughts on “The Cocktail Hour: Sweet Minty Mood Lifter

  1. Coco,
    Great photos, they make it look so refreshing and yummy! I'll have to make them this weekend. Of course, Michael will get the full strength ones and I'll have the virgin ones! Great post!!!


  2. I love how you describe a mojito as having a “hint of a pirate dream!” Brilliant! Tis mood lifter looks amazing; I think we will love it! Gotta buy the limeade and Rose's first, though…. xo, David


  3. Dear Colette, now “mood lifter” sounds like a fantastic title for a cocktail to me and the colors speak for themselves, it looks utterly amazing and refreshing – absolutely perfect, dear friend!
    Hope all is well and wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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